Fast Loan is the right contact for you if you need money quickly

Best Bank experience

Best Bank experience

Best Bank is the right contact for you if you need money quickly. The provider belongs to Novum Bank and has mini loans up to 600 USD in its program. With the repayment you can take 30 or 60 days. Best Bank has a Europe-wide banking license, so no intermediary is required.

Best Bank offers in detail

Best Bank offers in detail

  • Short-term credit from 100 USD to 600 USD
  • Optionally, a term of 30 to 60 days
  • Express transfers within 24 hours
  • The conventional transfer of the loan amount takes around four days
  • The PostIdent or VideoIdent is used for identification
  • A loan is also made with medium Credit Bureau
  • The credit inquiry costs nothing and is non-binding
  • Existing customers can borrow up to 1,500 USD

What is new at Best Bank is that existing customers can apply for a loan amount of up to 1,500 USD. With the Superdeal, the money is ready for you the next day. Here too, the term is a maximum of 60 days.

No large purchases can be made with the money

No large purchases can be made with the money

At the beginning, it should be mentioned here that no large purchases can be made with the money. This credit is used to bridge the gap, for example to pay a repair bill or to the electricity supplier. This loan can also be used for special offers in the trade, provided that it can be repaid within this period. You have to be sure that you can repay this bridging loan regardless of the amount. Otherwise there are the same consequences as with a conventional installment loan with high loan amounts.

How can you apply for a mini loan from Best Bank?

You can apply for the loan at Best Bank conveniently from your home PC. Simply select the desired loan amount and term and then click on Apply for a loan. Another form then opens where you can request additional services. After you have done that, all you have to do is send the application. You will receive an answer from Best Bank within a short time.

What additional services can you book?

Those in a hurry can book the 24-hour deal. If the loan application is approved, the money will arrive within 24 hours. Preferred processing is available for new customers. The application will be processed within four hours. A flash instruction is also one of the additional services that are subject to a charge. The money will then be posted to your account within 24 hours. As an existing customer, you can choose the two-rate option. You pay the first installment after 30 days. The second installment is due after 60 days.

How long are the transfer channels without additional services?

It usually takes up to four days for the money to reach your account.

How does identification work?

How does identification work?

Best Bank offer verify-U identification. You need a cell phone, an e-mail address, your ID card and the account details. This data is entered in the start form. You will then receive a transaction code via SMS. The data is then checked via Giropay or Skrill.

Requirements for a loan with Best Bank

  • The applicant must be at least 21 years old
  • The place of residence must be in Germany
  • A monthly net income of 700 USD is expected
  • A negative entry in the Credit Bureau is not necessarily a reason for rejection
  • Care is taken to ensure that there is no over-indebtedness.

How does Best Bank react to the lack of payment?

As soon as you notice that you cannot pay the installment, please contact Best Bank and discuss everything with an employee. There is certainly an agreement. However, if you do not register in this case, you will be reminded when the installment is due. You then have seven days to pay for the outstanding amount. If there is still no payment, you will receive two dunning notices. Thereafter, default interest is due, the item is given to a debt collection agency and a report is sent to a credit information service.

Can I always apply for a loan from Best Bank?

You will receive an SMS after paying the first loan. You can now apply for a new loan from Best Bank. However, Best Bank can also reject the application without giving reasons.

When is a loan declined?

When is a loan declined?

If the conditions already mentioned are not met. If there are doubts or concerns, a loan can be refused. Nobody wants you to be in debt. However, the loan is rejected even if the first loan has not yet been repaid.


Best Bank has a banking license that applies to Europe. No intermediary is needed, the money comes directly from Best Bank. An inquiry is generally free of charge and non-binding. If you meet the requirements for a mini loan that have already been mentioned, then you have a good chance of getting a Best Bank loan. You have up to 60 days with the repayment as an existing customer.


Mini Loan Monthly Rates – Borrowers need to know their limits

“I take out a loan today and then repay it as quickly as possible so that I can get rid of the burden quickly.” This is the idea of ​​many borrowers who urgently need money but feel bad about borrowing. Industry experts warn of the impending overload due to incorrectly set terms and credit rates. In many cases this also applies to mini loan monthly installments. In general, borrowers have to be aware of one thing: every financing burden the household budget. Even if I get a mini loan from a private person, the lender wants to get his loan back at some point. However, it is of little use to both sides of borrowing if mini-monthly rates are set too high, so that financial problems may even occur repeatedly during the repayment period.

Problems during the repayment lead to additional costs

Problems during the repayment lead to additional costs

For banks, financing portals on the Internet and private donors, this means unexpectedly longer waiting times before the entire loan amount is repaid. In the case of loans from banks, credit brokerage portals and credit platforms, defaults in the payment of the monthly mini loan installments also trigger bureaucratic processes. These include the following:

  • Delivery of payment reminders to borrowers
  • Reminders (one to three, depending on the provider)
  • early demand for complete repayment
  • Notification of loan default to Credit Bureau and other credit agencies

What, above all, involves some effort for the donors in relation to incorrectly set-up mini loan monthly installments, can have far worse consequences for customers in the case of a mini loan for employees, the self-employed and other target groups.

Additional costs are a nuisance, especially with short terms

Additional costs are a nuisance, especially with short terms

You pay extra fees for reminders or possible return debits if the reference account is insufficiently covered. Such additional costs basically increase the average interest paid on mini loans significantly. Because already for the first letter to warn about missing installments, fees of 5 to 15 USD are due at many credit platforms and banks. If mini-monthly installments are not transferred several times (on time) or if the bank holding the account makes chargebacks, there will be a risk of termination after two or three missing installments. This not only leads to early termination of the contract on the part of the lender.

Do not underestimate the possible consequences of failures

Private bankruptcy may even be threatened if there is a corresponding previous charge. A negative Credit Bureau entry will always arise. And this entry can have many effects in the future. You may not get a new loan if you need it within the coming months or years. Or you may encounter rejection when applying for mobile tariffs, perhaps even when entering into a rental agreement, because landlords and providers shy away from the risk of a failure due to Credit Bureau’s history.

In most cases, entries even threaten loans that are actually granted in a “shop-neutral” manner. This is a mini loan without Credit Bureau. German banks must always check their creditworthiness. However, the mini loan is often not reported to Credit Bureau – precisely because the financing amounts are so low. If customers can no longer service the claims, the vast majority of financiers will report to one or more credit agencies. As a rule, this will be said Credit Bureau.

Can I correct rates when income changes?

Can I correct rates when income changes?

It is easy to explain why we are rearing the horse up from behind and talking about the risks at first: Even monthly mini loan installments should be carefully defined and budgeted appropriately. After all, you don’t take up such funding for no reason. The majority of all customers who need loans with a financing framework of between 50 and a maximum of 3,000 USD have problems with smaller unscheduled extra expenses to pay higher credit rates as agreed. As with any loan, the monthly installment for mini loans must of course also be paid smoothly throughout the term. Contract is contract.

Our tip → In case of problems, do not wait until problems become acute!

If complications do arise, temporary deferrals or adjustments to the rate can be agreed with the customer service department of the lenders. Some platforms already mention such options in the product information. In other cases, it is worth contacting in the event of impending loss of payments in order to find a goodwill arrangement. Because there is no question that successful repayment is also important to credit providers. If only because the scheduled repayment causes the least effort. The earlier borrowers report expected repayment problems, the more likely a good solution is before a payment fails.

Preferred processing and payment = a cost factor?

One reason why some borrowers would particularly like to pay higher monthly mini loan rates is the rather high interest rates for mini loans. Many laypeople believe that short repayment phases keep the total costs within limits. The mini loan comparison shows that the conditions on the market are in some cases far above average. In some cases, annual calculations result in effective annual interest rates of more than 100 percent. This happens, for example, when borrowers order a particularly quick mini loan payment in some places. For some offers, such as the “Xpresscredit” format from Ferratum Bank, high fees are charged for express payments on the day of approval.
In the case mentioned, depending on the amount of the loan and the mini loan, these are between around 30 and almost 300 USD. If these prices are included in the annual interest rate, the bottom line is that the service providers generate considerable sales. Therefore, credit specialists advise you to read the additional costs and services of the providers in detail.
Installments must be affordable under all circumstances
Borrowers could now come up with the idea of ​​reducing their costs through shorter terms and correspondingly higher mini loan monthly installments. And of course, by shortening the repayment phase, I can reduce loan expenditure. Is this really worth it with terms of at most 12 months, given the greater risk of default? Every borrower has to answer this question himself. However, be warned here of the danger of being overwhelmed and the economic consequences mentioned.

Which mini loan monthly installments suit me?

Which mini loan monthly installments suit me?

In the first step, borrowers should get an overview of their own fixed costs. Experience shows that many consumers are not even aware of their own running costs. Most of the cost items, like the mini loan monthly installments, are debited automatically by direct debit. Complete control of spending is often left behind. Some of the fixed expenses are:

  • Insurance contributions (from household items to car insurance)
  • Rent (plus ancillary rental costs such as electricity and gas)
  • Fixed network, – cellular, internet and TV costs
  • Contributions to private pensions
  • Contributions for club memberships or regular donations
  • Pocket money for the offspring
  • Purchase of (Christmas) gifts
  • Bridging if employer/client pays too late

Especially with a mini loan for the self-employed, sufficient time should be invested in planning the borrowing. Not only because of the often irregular income. Taxes and contributions for health, pension and long-term care insurance must also be considered separately here. After all, they are not taken over by the employer, but have to be paid by yourself. Tax claims in particular are sometimes forgotten when calculating the budget for sensible mini loan monthly installments if applicants work on a freelance or self-employed basis.

Compare the fees for the desired term exactly

Compare the fees for the desired term exactly

On the basis of very clear guidelines, many providers precisely state the amount of credit rates per month on their platforms. In the case of low-priced offers with loan amounts of up to 300 USD, mini loan monthly installments with a term of six months are around 50 USD plus the interest on the respective mini loan. In view of the market interest rates mentioned, the surcharge on the actual pro rata repayment amount only moves to 5 to 10 USD. With microfinance from 50 to 100 USD, customers often only pay a cent amount as interest. However, such data must not be misinterpreted. In the example of the Cashper platform, for example, you pay a total of 100.31 USD (as of 11/2018) for a loan amount of 100 USD with a term of 15 days, for 30 days the total costs are 100.63 USD. The agreement for repayment in several installments with a term of 60 days, however, is charged an additional fee called “2-installment option”.

A monthly rate increases the financing costs for this product by currently 40 USD. Borrowers encounter such special features not only at the provider mentioned. Consumers also pay more for other offers if the repayment phase is divided into several monthly installments per mini loan. Therefore, customers do not only have to pay attention to the interest for mini loan models and the amount of the loan. Once again it becomes obvious that additional costs must always be kept in mind. A faster repayment can have a positive impact on the total financing costs.

As I said:

This is about details that should be questioned before contracts are finalized. Otherwise, only the 14-day right of withdrawal, which the German legislature provides for domestic award, remains to be asserted.

Caution: → With terms of 7 to 14 days, the right of withdrawal can be canceled. Foreign providers in particular are often not bound to the German legal situation anyway.

Some providers explicitly stipulate terms and rates

However, if the same annual interest rate is calculated for all offered mini loan terms, you can plan without budget to pay the monthly installments that match your income. There are basically two variants:

Borrowers themselves specify which installments they want to pay
Donors prescribe which monthly installment is suitable for which term

Unlike more multi-year loans, as a borrower you are sometimes less flexible in determining.


Should I ask for a loan at the post office?

Are you looking for the best loan and are wondering if it is better to ask for a loan at the post office ? Let’s try to understand together which are the positive aspects and which are the negative ones related to the Cream Bank general loan.

Recall that this is a classic personal loan, with the pros and cons common to other types belonging to the same category.

Before seeing the peculiar characteristics and the advantages / disadvantages, however, remember that what allows someone to answer ‘it is better to ask for a loan from the mail’ in a positive way, it is not said that it coincides with what is useful and important for someone else.

Should I ask for a loan at the post office with Cream Bank?

Should I ask for a loan at the <a href=post office with Cream Bank?” width=”660″ height=”447″ />

If you are looking for an even high sum, which is still between 3 thousand and 30,000 USD, then you may also think that it is better to ask for a loan at the post office. That said, you will have to settle for a not very long duration: from 24 to 84 months.

So this is a duration that will be good for those who do not want very high sums, while for those who aim at the maximum, as a loan of 30,000 USD could lead to having to repay installments that are too high.

On the other hand, it can be a positive aspect that in order to apply for the Cream Bank loan you do not have to be a Swiss Post customer nor do you already have a checking account with you.

It is better to ask for a loan at the post office: rates and costs

It is better to ask for a loan at the post office: rates and costs

If you are wondering if it is better to ask for a loan at the post office, you probably assume that the loan will be assessed and possibly granted and managed by Poste Italiane. Instead, Swiss Post relies on external banks for this type of product.

In particular, the request for the Cream Bank loan will be sent to Lite Bank, which is the issuer and the evaluator while Poste Italiane acts as a placement agent.

So as far as rates are concerned, it is not said that this is a particularly advantageous but not too expensive condition. To choose the best there are many factors to consider, first of all the difference in rates that depends on the amount and duration chosen.

So to know the real conditions, understand if it is worthwhile or not, comparing it with the proposals of other banks or financial companies, you need to request a personalized quote. This has no cost and does not lead to any commitment. We also remind you that there is no preliminary investigation cost, and there are no intermediation costs.


Analysis on the impact of interest rates on loan installments

The decision of the Monetary Policy Council of March 2015 meant a reduction in GFI rates to a very low level (reference rate: 1.50%).

Along with the rates of the Good Finance Bank, GFIC prices also fell. This rate informing about the cost of loans granted by banks directly affects the interest rate on many loans (including mortgage and cash loans).

Everything seems to indicate that after a period of very low GFI rates and GFIC rates, we will be facing a significant change. Most analysts expect an increase in these rates in 2018.

Such a hike will increase, among other installments on all mortgages and many cash loans. Holders of “mortgages” will face the most painful change in their home budget.

Soon the loan installment may increase by USD 70 – USD 100


Housing loans have two features that are important from the point of view of future increases in GFIC and GFI interest rates. First, these loans are the largest liabilities that Polish families have. The average value of a housing loan (outstanding) is around USD 190,000.

Secondly, virtually all housing loans granted by domestic banks have a variable interest rate calculated as the sum of the reference rate (usually three-month GFIC – GFIC 3M) and a fixed margin.

This interest rate structure exposes borrowers to the effects of changes in interest rates of the Good Finance Bank. In this context, it is worth remembering that GFIC – 3M always follows the main (reference) GFI rate and reaches a similar value.

Since March 2015, the GFI reference rate has been 1.50%, and GFIC 3M has been hovering around 1.70%. In the table below we have adopted 3M GFIC of 1.75% as the starting point. If this rate reaches 2.25% in 2018, the installments of four sample mortgage loans will increase significantly.

For a loan of USD 270,000 and a repayment period of 25 years (margin: 1.90%), this change will mean an increase in the equal installment from USD 1,374 to USD 1,448 . The corresponding increase will amount to almost USD 100 a month for a loan of USD 320,000 repaid in 360 equal installments.

The table below also includes installment estimates for significantly higher GFIC levels – 3M than 2.25%. It is worth realizing that not so long ago (at the beginning of February 2013), the quarterly GFIC quotations were around 3.75%.

At this level of reference rate, an equal installment of a housing loan of USD 270,000 and a repayment period of 25 years would be 308 USD higher than at present.

Such a change could exceed some household budgets. Therefore, home loan holders should now take advantage of record low interest rates and accumulate savings enabling safe repayment in the future.

Changes in installments of sample mortgage loans with an increase in GFIC 3M rate from 1.75% to 4.75% (fixed installments)

GFI rate hikes will be less severe for cash loan holders

GFI rate hikes will be less severe for <a href=cash loan holders … ” />

It is worth realizing that increases in GFI interest rates may also affect many holders of cash loans. I’m talking about people who have a loan with a variable interest rate. In the case of such loans, the interest rate is set as the sum of the reference rate (usually GFIC) and a fixed margin.

The difference to mortgage loans is a much higher level of margin. Information on the interest rate on cash loans can be found in the contract concluded with the bank and in the information form.

It should be noted that many lenders in advertising materials do not provide accurate information on how to determine the interest rate. Usually, only a general mention appears (e.g. “9.00% floating rate”).

The impact of higher interest rates on installment levels can be checked by taking into account the following two examples:

  • USD 15,000 loan, repaid for 3 years, margin: 6.00%, commission: 15.00%, current interest rate: 7.75%, the preparation commission is credited
  • loan of USD 50,000, repaid for 10 years, margin: 8.00%, commission: 9.00%, current interest rate: 9.75%, the preparation commission is credited

The current installment of the first loan is USD 539. With the GFIC – 3M rate rising to 3.75%, the corresponding value will be 555 USD (16 USD more than at present).

After the change in GFIC from 1.75% to 3.75%, the comparable installment of the second loan will amount to 61 USD (change from 713 USD to 774 USD).

The above examples suggest that the increase in GFIC will be noticeable only for cash loan holders who, in addition to variable interest rates, also have a large value.

Cash loan holders may be able to protect themselves against an increase in interest


As a summary, it is worth mentioning that cash loan holders may be able to protect themselves against the effects of an increase in GFI interest rates and GFIC.

People who are just thinking about borrowing money should pay attention to loans with a fixed interest rate. Such loans are offered, among others 

If you already have a cash loan with a variable interest rate, you may want to consider a different solution. It involves refinancing/consolidating the debt with the help of bank lending funds at a fixed percentage.

It is worth knowing that mortgage holders will not free themselves from variable interest rates due to debt consolidation or refinancing.

Consolidation loans secured by mortgages, because they have a variable interest rate (its sum calculated GFIC and constant margin).


Where can you get a loan at the weekend?

Fast internet loans have gained a lot of popularity due to their availability. The promise of payment in a very short time also encourages those who would be able to successfully apply for a cash loan in a bank or credit unions.

Many Internet users interested in taking a moment would like to receive money even at the weekend. Sometimes such a weekend loan is available and absolutely free.

Some lenders do not rest even on Sunday

Some lenders do not rest even on Sunday

Many loan companies work (i.e., consider client requests) during weekends. In most cases, the lender does not provide explicit information on whether to receive a minute on Saturday or Sunday. Several companies, however, clearly report the disbursement of funds at the end of the week.

The table below presents information about the offer of such loan companies, which, apart from weekend payments, can boast good customer feedback, free first moments and high positions in Nick Carter rankings.

All listed lenders work and send money transfers on Saturdays and Sundays

credit money loan cash

This solution is still rare on the domestic loan market. The aforementioned bank from Malta declares the use of fast transfers which significantly reduce the waiting time for borrowed money.

Clients of other loan companies should submit a request for a few hours before the end of weekend service. Then the chance of receiving funds before Monday will increase significantly.

An account with a popular and “fast” bank makes things much easier

credit money loan cash

If you are applying for a quick loan over the weekend, you should be aware that the rate of payment of funds will usually be dependent on the bank where the applicant has an account. If a given loan company has an account maintained by the same bank as the customer, then a possible small-value verification transfer (e.g. USD 0.01) and a subsequent transfer with borrowed money e was posted before the end of the weekend.

The situation is facilitated by the fact that more and more banks are booking online internal transfers in real time (even during nights and weekends).

Some lending companies mention banks whose clients can count on fast (internal) transfers of borrowed funds. For example, Credit Vibes makes quick transfers (also during weekends) to accounts kept.

Account holders at such popular banks can count on a faster transfer of funds from many other loan companies. Having an account with a popular bank also means that you can receive many other payments quickly (as part of internal transfers).


Short loan get up to 500 dollars as a new customer in 30 minutes

Do you need a short-term loan to bridge a financial bottleneck, pay an invoice or use it freely? No problem. With us you will find the best short loan providers in comparison, so that you can borrow money for 30, 60 or even 180 days. 

The most important thing about short credit

  • Short loans are characterized by their short term of one, two or three months
  • Due to the short loan term, only small loan amounts of USD 100 – 3,000 are usually possible
  • Short-term loans are available with an instant payment so that you can have the loan within 24 hours
  • The application and the conclusion are completely online. This means that an immediate acceptance and fast processing is possible
  • Pay attention to additional fees for special options. Some providers charge additional fees if you increase the loan term. Additional fees make the short-term loan unnecessarily expensive and no longer recommendable

Cheap short-term loan with immediate payment online

Cheap short-term loan with immediate payment online

For small or larger wishes, a short-term loan offers a practical solution immediately if a financial bottleneck would require a waiting period. However, not every short loan is suitable for every applicant, so that you can find the best offer with comparisons and avoid less flexible framework conditions. A short credit without Credit bureau is also possible and convinces with a quick and customer-oriented processing.

  • The requirements for a short loan
  • Your place of residence is in Germany
  • You have reached the age of 18
  • You have a Agree bank account
  • You have a monthly income of at least 500 USD
  • You are not indebted
  • If you meet these requirements, then there is usually nothing standing in the way of a short-term loan.

What distinguishes a good short credit?

What distinguishes a good short credit?

Even if a short credit is required for 30 days and therefore not for a long period of time, you should consider various factors. The interest, changes in the repayment within the term, costs of splitting the amount for small loans, or the possibility of deferral should be on the agenda. At the time of borrowing, you do not know whether and to what extent your financial background changes within the term. Although you choose a 30-day term with a short-term loan, a lot can happen in a month and create the need to split the repayment or take a deferral.

You can recognize a good short-term loan by the fact that it fits your needs perfectly and comes with low interest rates, a flexible contract and no additional costs for changes in repayment. While the house bank often poses a problem or shows conditions that are far too expensive, very cheap offers can be found on the Internet, especially for short-term loans. A great advantage of short-term loans from the Internet is the fact that you get the approval in less than 24 hours and you don’t have to wait long for the loan amount to be paid. There are different ways of applying for a very small or higher amount.

As a rule, the short-term loan is paid in one amount, which limits the capacity in the amount paid out. Nevertheless, there are differences in banks that issue a short-term loan between at least 100 and a maximum of 3,000 USD. How much interest you pay and whether you can split the amount depends on the conditions of the bank and also on your income. So that you have a chance with a short credit without Credit bureau information and are not rejected even with a lower credit rating, you should look directly for a suitable offer with creditworthiness problems.

You can recognize a good short-term loan by the fact that it fits your requirements and comes with low interest rates, flexible framework conditions and changes in repayment without additional costs.

Suitable short-term loan immediately by comparing it

Suitable short-term loan immediately by comparing it

The financial market shows a variety of different options for a short loan. What is ultimately good for you and enables alternative options based on personal requirements can make the search more difficult due to a lack of transparency. You will not recognize a suitable short-term loan that suits your requirements at first glance, which makes a comparison of various loan offers advantageous. Do you need the short-term loan immediately and cannot accept a waiting time from the application to the payment?

Or are you looking for a short-term loan without Credit bureau and have to bridge a financial bottleneck, even though your credit rating actually speaks against a loan or has already been rejected at the house bank? The more clearly you define your requirements for the right short-term loan and set it up in comparison, the faster you will only see the results that match your search. If a short-term loan is to be approved for 30 days or two months, you can also set this up and get an offer that optimally matches your requirements during the term and fulfills your wish. More on the subject of loan terms.

Of course, the comparison to short-term loans also serves to find the best interest rate. You can avoid high interest rates and additional fees if you choose the cheapest short-term loan and anchor this aspect directly in the search. Since the conditions vary from bank to bank, an online comparison can give you an important hint in a few seconds and show you a short credit with which you are satisfied due to the optimized ratio of price, performance and duration.

Another advantage of the comparison is the direct link to the provider, where you can apply for your short-term loan online and prepare for quick processing. Some lenders incur additional costs for the immediate transfer, which means that you can also configure this request and compare it. Without a comparison of the numerous offers, it is hardly possible to bring transparency to the variety of short-term loans and to apply for a short-term loan that fully matches your ideas and needs. The comparison is of course free of charge and can be easily notified online.

Short-term loan with immediate payment

Short-term loan with immediate payment

An absolute advantage of short-term loans is the very quick availability. The short-term loan can be paid out after just 24 hours. It is currently the fastest way to borrow money immediately. Additional options, which are subject to a charge, even enable payment within 30 minutes.

If you want to have the short credit within 24 hours, there are a few points to consider:

  • Depending on the provider, select the express transfer so that the payment is carried out directly after successful credit approval
  • Submit your application early so that payment can be made on the same day.
  • There is no short-term loan disbursement at the weekend. Therefore, schedule the application on a working day
  • The express transfer incurs additional fees, which can make the loan expensive

What distinguishes a short loan from a mini loan?

The two terms are often mentioned in a context. In most offers, the short-term loan with a short term is also accompanied by the limitation of a sum, which is why it is also referred to as a mini loan. Nevertheless, the name short-term loan does not refer to the possible sum, but primarily to the term that the short-term loan is short-term. A short-term loan of 30 days, 45 days or 60 days is common practice, whereas some banks and lenders also offer a short-term loan with a term of up to 180 days. The shorter the term in relation to the loan amount, the more important the contractual conditions become.

You can only apply for the short-term loan without hesitation and protect yourself against unforeseen fees only if this allows you to change the repayment with an accompanying extension of the term without additional costs. If you become unemployed within the term or cannot repay as agreed for other reasons and pay off the short-term loan immediately, this can quickly become expensive with inflexible contracts and even result in additional payments of up to half the actual loan amount for small loan amounts. If you need the short-term loan immediately, you should still take the time to compare and wait for the few seconds that you have to spend in a comparison.